Berkshire is an inland county of Southern England on the South bank of the River Thames with Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire in the North, Hampshire to the South, Surrey in the South-East and Wiltshire to the West.
It is a little irregular in shape with a length of 43 miles from East to West and 30 miles from North to South and covering an area of 462210 acres approx.
The county has three parliamentary divisions, seven municipal boroughs and one hundred and ninety-three parishes.
There are many ancient castles and churches here with good examples of Norman and later architectural periods and mitered Benedictine Abbots used to live in Reading and Abington also.
Berkshire has been arguably ill served by administrative boundary changes. In 1974, the county lost the vale of the White Horse including Wantage, Didcot, Wallingford and Abington to Oxfordshire but however gained a big town called Slough from Buckinghamshire and also the boundary change assimilated Reading’s growth North of the Thames into Berkshire as well.
When you arrive in Berkshire you may see Bucklebury Farm Park in which you can watch deer in their natural habitat. Take a free tractor and trailer ride to see them from close quarters and try hand feeding the tamer members of the herd.
Ponies, donkeys, pigs, wild boar and lots of other animals are available to pet and feed. It has a large area for indoor games, outdoor adventure playgrounds, nature trail, woodland walks and a large picnic area. It’s a great day for the whole of family, whatever the season.
Then of course there’s Legoland with a whole new Land of the Vikings. In its heart it has the biggest, wildest, wettest ride in the Park. Join the Viking fleet and set sail for a white water voyage through turbulent rapids. Encounter mythical sea monsters, race through raging waters and thunder down churning water falls. Back on dry land unravel the mystery of Loki’s Labyrinth, a Nordic themed hedge maze.
Legoland in Windsor brings out the hero in everyone. There are around 50 amazing rides, attractions and live shows for the whole family.
Windsor Castle is one of the three official residences of Her Majesty The Queen. It has been a sovereign residence for over 900 years thanks to it’s convenient location West of London. Windsor Castle is not only the largest inhabited castle in the world but is definitely the oldest in continuous occupation. From every approach in the town you can see it’s imposing towers and battlements which simply loom large.
It creates one of the world’s spectacular skylines and visitors here can walk around the State apartments, extensive suites of rooms in the heart of this working Palace. You can also see the State Rooms which are some of the most splendid interiors of the castle. These rooms are furnished with the treasures from the Royal Collections, including paintings by Holbein, Rueben, Van Dyck and Lawrence fine tapestries and porcelain, sculpture and armour.
Within the Castle there are many additional attractions including the Drawings Gallery , Queen Mary’s Doll House and the 14th Century St. George’s Chapel which is the burial place of ten sovereigns and the setting for many a Royal Wedding.
Berkshire’s Windsor Castle is clearly one of the seven wonders of Britain.
You will never forget your Berkshire Vacation!

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