Grays Farm Opens For Summer

It’s that time again. East Berkshire commuters, who make that regular trip down Wokingham’s Heathland Road, will have noticed the seven foot strawberry is back… and we all know what that means… Grays Farm is open for strawberry picking!

Strawberries, rhubarb, broad beans, spinach and carrots are all in season at the moment, with the promise of more fruits and veggies to come. Not only will you find row after row of very-good-value fresh-from-the-ground produce, but you and the children will have a great time picking them. There is no more exciting way to buy your fruit than to pick it yourself. Prices are comparable with the supermarkets but you’ll find the bright berries hard to resist and you may well take home more than you would if you’d gone to Sainsbury’s.

Raspberry picking at Grays Farm

Bags and punnets are generally available near each patch. If you need any help navigating the farm then the friendly staff in the shop are always happy to help.

When you’ve paid for your fruit and worked up a thirst – head over the road to Holme Grange Craft Village for a wholesome meal or ice cream. Make sure your fruit is kept fresh with ice packs in the car though!

Grays Farm is open 6 days a week. On site you will also find a play area, toilets and farm shop.

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