Sporty Summer Camps

For those of us Berkshire parents stuck in an office over the summer, holiday clubs are essential. While, for many with the prospect of six weeks organising picnics, swimming trips and days out, the occasional day off is a godsend! However the necessity arises you will want to find childcare that gives your little (or big) ones the chance to try new activities that will fill them with enthusiasm and excitement and burn off some of that surplus energy. So, whether they enjoy team games, gymnastics, water sports or athletics, you’re bound to find something to please – There are so many summer sports camps to chose from in Berkshire you’ll be spoilt for choice. And what’s more, once you’ve seen how much fun the kids are having, you’ll be left wishing you could leave them at the office while you go to Foxy’s for a trampolining session or Dinton Pastures for a spot of kayaking… Now there’s an idea!

The following activity clubs range from quiet low-key to full-on sporty with sports timetabled for most sessions of the day. The sportier ones are marked in bold. In each case please contact the organisers for more information about the activities, costs and times.

Koosa Kids, Ascot Heath Primary School Crafts, Sports, GoKarts – split into 3 age groups. 8:15 – 6pm (extended day, shorter hours available)

Supercamps Holiday Clubs at Licensed Victuallar’s School and Hurst Lodge School – both in Ascot. Structured day including lots of sports and swimming.

Koosa Kids, Birch Hill Primary School Crafts, Sports, GoKarts – split into 3 age groups. 8:15 – 6pm (extended day, shorter hours available)

Koosa Kids, Meadow Vale Primary School Crafts, Sports, GoKarts – split into 3 age groups. 8:15 – 6pm (extended day, shorter hours available)

Foxy’s at Edgbarrow Sports Centre. Ages 3 – 11 plus sports academy for 11-16s. 3 sessions available each day. Open 8-6 except Friday when they close at 4. Structures timetable including gymnastics, trampolining, archery, tennis. Check the website for which sports are available for each age group. Excellent quality child care and children are encouraged whatever their ability. Highly recommended.

EnergyKidz at Hatch Ride School, Crowthorne. Large Playground and lovely grounds. Extended hours available 8:15 – 6.

Claires Court Holiday Club, Maidenhead activities, challenge and adventure! Split into 5 age-appropriate groups. Open 8 – 6. Basic hours are 9 – 4:30. Prices start at £40 and increase based on extended hours.

Wise Owls, Maidenhead. Sports, activities, crafts for under 8s. Over 8s sports eg, judo, yoga, football, horse riding and outings eg, swimming, thorpe park.

Jubilee Jets Loads of indoor and outdoor activities including den building, obstacle courses, woodland adventure, bouncy castle. Padworth Common, RG7 4JD.

Leighton Park School, Reading Unbeleivable number of exciting activities available. Understandably very popular so book early! Open 7:30am – 5:30pm

Reading Holiday Playclubs at St Josephs College, Waterloo Meadows Children’s Centre and Highdown School. Activities include art and crafts, games and sports. There are sessions throughout the day – maximum 8:30am – 5:30pm.

Madhouse Holiday Club Lots of softplay, activities and free play. Various hours available up to a maximum extended day of 8:30 – 6. Snacks and meals included. Please check website for details.

EnergyKidz at Piggot School, Twyford. Lots of space for sports and play. Extended day available 8-6.

EnergyKidz at St Bernard’s Prep School, Slough. Lots of space for sports and play. Extended day available 8-6.

EnergyKidz at Hilltop First School Windsor. Extended hours available 8 – 6.

Supercamps at Bearwood College Sports and crafts and non-stop fun! Extended hours available 8-6.

Waverley School Holiday Club Sandpit, free play and toys. Full day childcare available including lunch.

Holme Grange School Oxford Active club includes non-stop fun with sporting activities, swimming, dance and crafts. Hours available up to 8:30-5:30.

Active Kids at St Crispins Leisure Centre. Ages 5-12, 8am-6pm or 9.30am – 3.30pm days available. Sports programme including football, swimming, judo, climbing wall. 0118 974 3728/974 6264, email or visit

Wild Days at Dinton Pastures Activity Centre. Ages 8+ 9:30am – 4:30pm Sailing, climbing, canoeing, raft-building… For children who want adventure and excitement every day and don’t mind getting wet.

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